Our website is GDPR compliant

We take your privacy very seriously and this is very important legal stuff.

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As you may have heard, all websites on EU soil have to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation untill May 25th 2018 and that means that we have to be transparent with storing and using private information you may give us, which is a good thing. Complying with it might be a little tricky but we got the hang of it. So, starting today we have two pages on our website for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and a button on the lower corner on the right. Yes, the blue one! “You take the blue pill or the red pill”, you know… Also, we included a check button on our booking/reservation form present on our productions pages because we need your official consent for storing and using your private information like your name, email address and phone number.

How do we use your information

In order to help you book your seats to our performances as quickly as possible without headackes, we implemented a booking form in which you have to fill out some fields: your name, an email address and telephone number in order for us to reach you if we cancel or postpone the performance, the title of the performance you want to watch and the number of seats. Also, extremely rare, we might send you an update via email about something big we want to announce. If you don’t want us to use your information, you can book your seats on the phone or through a SMS / WhatsApp message. The number is present inside the form. Ok, we’ll write it here too: +40 740 067 505.

The only entities that may receive your information from us are those in whose establishments we perform, in order to give you access to our performances.

If you have ever booked seats to a Lightwave Theatre performance through our website until now and you want us to delete your information, you can contact us anytime – contact[at]lightwave-theatre[dot]com.

And now, allow us to open a champaign bottle and shout out loud: WE ARE GDPR COMPLIANT!