Annabel went to Timisoara, Romania!

it's me annabel lightwave theatre

Finaly, we’ve been able to bring our newest production “It’s me, Annabel” to the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania. This is the city we have visited the most in Romania, and this is a reason we feel so good going there, even if it’s very far (8-10 hours drive).

The National Theatre’s stage and crew were awsome and we had a blast there. We even had some time to talk with some of our viewers and found out what touched them deeply. Some of them shed some tears in the middle of the story, where we knew this will happen, when we created the show, but some had an emotional moment in the first five minutes, and that was unexpected.

Another thing that made this performance special was the addition of our newest collegue, Oana Cercel.

We left Timisoara knowing we would come back after just two weeks on May 9th and 10th at 9pm to the same National Theatre but this time outdoor with our non-verbal production “Reflection” right in front of the building on a stage during FEST-FDR 2018 international festival.

See you there!

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