The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Lightwave Theatre Company & unteatru

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Lightwave Theatre Company and Unteatru Bucharest co-production.

Life-size puppets, in a stunning performance insipred by the most beautiful childhood book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Minimum age of audience: 5+

“You, for me, are just a little boy, like any other little boys. I’m just a fox for you, like any other foxes, but if you tame me, I won’t be like any other foxes, and you won’t be just another little boy. I will like no other for you, and you would be like no other for me.”

Director: Cristina-Andreea Ion

Cast: Petru Stratulat, Cristina-Andreea Ion, Oana Cercel

Voces: Cristina Andreea Ion, Oana Mihaela Cercel, Petru Stratulat, Dragoș Olaru, Dragoș Stanciu, Chriss Casper

Scenography: Lightwave Theatre Company

A theatre play supported by Europa FM

Partners: Europa FM, FabLab, Have a Cigar, Ioana Diacu – fashion designer

Info: +40 721.268.516 – unteatru | Lightwave Theatre Company – +40 740.067.505

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